Salon pompeo
DEANNA DIPIZIO- There is a reason clients return again and again to Salon Pompeo, Dallas’ premier full-service salon – creator and founder, Deanna DiPizio-Johnson. Her artistic vision, a shrewd business sense, and a unique idea for honest client relations, is what drove the Buffalo, NY native to open her first salon location on Dallas’ McKinney Avenue in 1995.
At the age of 21, Deanna moved to New York City for advanced training at the world renowned Jingles Institute. It was there that she began to form her vision for what she felt would be the ideal salon experience. After kissing the Big Apple goodbye, Deanna moved to Dallas to begin her career. She started working for someone else but quickly realized that was not for her. So at the age of 24, with nothing more than sheer resolve, confidence, and a personal guarantee that convinced everyone she was going to make it, Deanna opened her first location. But what to name it? Deanna’s grandfather was always someone she looked up to for his courage and hard work. So she paid him homage by naming her salon after him, Pompeo DiPizio.

The success of Salon Pompeo can be attributed to Deanna’s eye for talent and her knack for instructing new stylists. Assistants who have trained under her have gone on to have their own successful careers. They credit her ‘tough as nails’ approach as something that drives them to be the best.

DiPizio-Johnson is well known for her charity involvement. One of the events closest to her heart is the annual Children’s Cancer Fashion Show. She says, “My staff and I truly believe this is one of the greatest events we are involved in each year. I’ve always believed in ‘paying it forward,’ and I’m proud that I can mentor my staff to share in this belief.”

Along with being a successful businesswoman, DiPizio-Johnson shares her busy life with her husband Jarrod and their two young children. In fact, no business endeavor has challenged or rewarded her like being a mom. She says, “Becoming a mother has been the single most amazing thing I’ve ever done.”