Salon pompeo
Media Contact: Deanna DiPizio (214) 979-0440
DALLAS, TX – Salon Pompeo, Uptown’s chic full-service hair salon and spa is the first in the Metroplex to offer the famed Moroccan Cocoon with Rassoul body treatment. Promising to leave the person with a clear mind and refined, purified skin, this salon service is offered exclusively to Salon Pompeo clients. "We are always seeking out the newest, most natural and healthy treatments for our clients," says Deanna Dipizio, owner of Salon Pompeo. "Frankly, we liked the idea of cocooning our clients away into deep relaxation." Clients are first lightly massaged with a thin layer of naturally micronized Moroccan Rassoul, a brown mud from the fertile valleys of Morocco. Next is the cocooning, where the guest is wrapped in a plastic sheet and then a space blanket to prevent heat from escaping. The cocoon is then topped with a heated blanket, literally hugging the client and relaxing the muscles. The client is left in the cocoon to enjoy the sensation for 20 minutes before being unwrapped and rinsed off. A moisturizer containing fruit acids and tension relief oils is then applied to the client’s back and calves. The key to the unique benefits of the Moroccan Cocoon with Rassoul treatment are in the ingredients themselves. The Rassoul is mined from residual volcanic lava, washed thoroughly to eliminate impurities and then dried naturally under sunlight. The pieces are then pulverized and micronized, ensuring the elimination of micro-organisms and parasites. Rassoul is unlike any other mud in that it contains no trace of any vegetal element. Since the twelfth century, the ancient North Africans used Rassoul daily for skin purification and cleansing. It wasn’t until 1843 when scientists, intrigued by the mud, began to analyze the chemical nature of the substance. Studies have confirmed that Rassoul contains the earth’s most natural health and beauty elements: silcium, magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium and sodium. But clients don’t need to analyze the chemical structure of the mud to know that it feels wonderful to be cocooned in such a replenishing, rejuvenating mud from half a world away. ###

Salon Pompeo is now booking clients for the Moroccan Cocoon with Rassoul treatment, priced at $85. Located at 3227 McKinney Avenue in Dallas. Salon Pompeo specializes in hair, skin and nail care and offers a fully stocked bar to help its clients unwind. For more information or to book an appointment, call 214-979-0440.