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DALLAS, TX (March 20, 2005) – Low-carb, low-fat, no-meat, no-white-foods, no-fast-food, all-fast-food, Zone, Atkins, South Beach – it’s time to give it up. Forget the yo-yo dieting and yoga contortions. “No pain, no gain” is no more! Dallas’ Salon Pompeo says the fastest way to the shape you always wanted is with the haircut diet, a new image revolution that doesn’t have a thing to do with calories eaten or calories burned. Take 10 pounds off instantly with the right cut.

“Who wants to live like that?” says Deanna Dipizio, proprietor of Salon Pompeo. “With the right cut for your face and body shape, we can take 10 pounds off your look. It’s about knowing your face shape and having a stylist who works with that to give you the best cut and style for you.”

Salon Pompeo offers the following tips for those hoping to take off a few pounds with the snip of the scissors. For those with:

• Round faces – To get the illusion of a thinner face, try a cut with layers and fullness on top, but make sure to keep it close to your face at the sides. Go either short or longer than chin length (anything in-between will accentuate the roundness), swept back from your forehead with shorter “bang-like” pieces in front, or part your hair on the side. A short bob will spell poundage for you. Net result = instant pounds lost.
• Heart-shaped faces – Because your jaw and forehead can look wide, your chin can look pointy in comparison. Short hair is a slimming look for this face shape because a little fullness on top events out the jaw and chin lines. Net result = proportional weight gives a slimmer look.

• Full forehead, long chin – Add volume below the chin to balance things out a bit. A medium-length bob or a thick, layered cut adds fullness where it’s needed. Bangs or some short pieces around the face can be swept over the forehead to reduce the look of fullness. Net result = slimmer, balanced look.

• Large features – Your large nose or full cheeks can easily seem less prominent by adding a little volume to your hair, through a layered cut and/or full bangs which draw attention away from those features. Texas doesn’t have “big hair” for nothing. Net result = pounds melted away from those trouble spots.

• Short neck – The illusion of an extended neck will seem to instantly lighten. A short cut that’s tapered on the bottom and fuller on the top draws the eye up. Net result = pounds lost from specific area are pounds lost overall.
• Oval-shaped face – Surprise – any style looks good on you! Go long, go short – doesn’t matter, since your face is in proportion. Net result = you’re the thin girl everyone loves to hate! Congratulations!

Located at 3227 McKinney Avenue in Dallas, Salon Pompeo specializes in hair, skin, massage, airbrush tan and nail care, and offers a fully stocked wine, beer, champagne and champagne cocktail bar to help clients unwind. For more information or to book a free consultation with any of the dedicated beauty experts at Salon Pompeo, call 214-979-0440.