Salon pompeo

It happens to every woman at least once — the dreaded Bad Haircut that can shatter the self-esteem of even the most uber-confident modern female. Unlike other maladies, however, this one is completely preventable! Salon Pompeo, Uptown’s chic full-service hair salon and spa, offers tips to help stop the suffering:

1. Salon Co-dependency:
Unfortunately, many women keep going to the same salon time and time again -- even if it didn’t satisfy their every whim and desire -- because they don’t want to upset their stylist/friend/mother-in-law by breaking with tradition. Get over it! If you can’t, you better hope your stylist/friend/mother-in-law likes your cut more than you do. However, if you have fallen head-over-heels with the salon or location but not so much with your cut, ask the front desk or management to recommend another stylist. Not every pair of shoes you try on fits -- do you buy them all?
2. Communication Conundrum:
Do you constantly find yourself shuttled away to the shampoo bowl by an eager assistant while your stylist is finishing with someone else? Find a better way to communicate. Your stylist should examine your hair before the shampoo so you can point out problem areas or ideas you may have for a cut.

3. Photo Attachment:
Stylists often encourage clients to bring in a photo of a haircut they like, so both the stylist and the client will be on the same page. This works well -- as a jumping-off point. ASK the stylist for his/her opinion! They are artists -- you are paying them for their expertise! (Come on -- you think even the Mona Lisa looked that good before di Vinci?)

4. Reality Disfigurement:
Unrealistic expectations often play into clients’ disappointment. Be prepared to get a heavy dose of reality from your stylist. If you strive to look like Halle Berry, but want to “keep your length,” realize this may not be your reality.
Work with your stylist to take the key points of the look you covet and transform them into something uniquely YOU.

5. Premature Reverse-aging:
Women in this day and age never have to sacrifice sexiness for age and maturity -- but do need to realize some looks are better left to the next generation. In other words, if you’re a Rene Russo, you’re not a Rene Zellweger. And that’s not a bad thing.

6. Product Displasia:
Yes, your hair always looks best right as you leave the salon. They’re professionals; that’s what they do. However, it’s up to you and your stylist to pick a look that you can do at home so you look great more than once every six weeks. It’s crucial to pay attention to how to style it yourself -- ask how to do it, watch and note everything the stylist does, including the angle of the blow dryer, demand to know what products you should be using. Though it would be nice, most women can’t afford to put their stylist in their purse and carry them home!